What is it?

A National Geographic grantee discovered a possible new human ancestor. We wanted to debut this exciting research across our platforms, including a flagship show with NOVA and a cover story on our magazine.

The story debuted online with a feature that Amy Bucci and I produced.

What problem does it solve?

How can we integrate all of Nat Geo’s fractured brands in a cohesive online story?

What was my role in it?

Amy and I worked with magazine and television colleagues to adapt and rethink this as an online-first series of stories.

Our content plan included more than a dozen companion pieces and followups, continuing the conversation across our sites and blogs.

How does it work?

The main story was published in our Nat Geo News site, with embedded responsive interactives crafted by the Nat Geo magazine’s graphics staff and bespoke videos from the field.


As of 12/1/2015, our Homo naledi feature has drawn the second-largest number of unique visitors to our News site of any stories this year—bested only by cats and cucumbers.

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