What is it?

I had the incredible privilege of editing one of Your Shot’s first photo assignments. I asked for submissions from anyone, and guided the group through update messages and comments.

When we hit deadline, I looked at all 8,039 submissions and chose 35 photos to include in our story. I explained why we chose some images and what made them work—and how other community members could learn from them.

What problem does it solve?

An aspiring photographer might not always feel inspired by their environment.

My goal as an editor was to help everyone see their lives in a new light—and capture what makes them special.

What was my role in it?

I edited the story and guided the community during its three-week submission period.

How does it work?

The Your Shot community is open to anyone. Its photo assignments are creative prompts for members, inviting anyone to share their creativity for possible inclusion in a final, published story.


This was one of Your Shot’s first assignments as it prepared to relaunch the community with many new features. The response from our members was almost overwhelming. I had a blast and I hope they did too.

What, where, when


    Your Shot
    This was National Geographic's user-generated photo community, discontinued in 2019, which let its users connect with Nat Geo photographers and editors.





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