What is it?

This National Geographic magazine featured pictures of Haiti taken by young Haitian photographers. I worked with the story’s editors to adapt it for a responsive page online.

What problem does it solve?

As a reader, I don’t understand the significance of these pictures by community members unless I can learn more about the photographers.

What was my role in it?

After the story was developed for print and for the magazine’s digital download, I adapted the story to our new responsive article templates and built new template features to accommodate its bios and quotes.

Developer Vitomir Zarkovic was instrumental to designing the appearance and typography of these features.

How does it work?

These components work across screen sizes and were designed for mobile first.

The additional features were integrated into our main article template because of their utility for future features.


I felt that the identities and words of these young photographers were a key part of the story, and pushed hard for time and support to build components that showcase them.

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