What is it?

Touching the base of this interactive sculpture causes a fire-like light to grow. It senses the number of people touching by their electric fields. One is enough to kindle the fire, but it takes three to get the most brightness.

Artist’s statement

I’m interested in interruption. In, say, 2005: if a big company was pinging me every few hours, I would have been really frustrated. But times have changed. I like notifications. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are regularly deeming me an interesting person, worthy of attention, right? Ding, tap, dopamine, validated.

I imagine that this sort of interruptive reassurance could become a basic human right: filling our souls with staccatos. Klaxons = love?

“Campfire” is a message from that future. Lay your hands on this alert beacon, warm yourself; gaze at others as they do the same.

How to interact with this sculpture

As you touch the metal base, a flame-like light grows inside the beacon. More people make it brighter, up to 3.


What, where, when


Care and Feeding





    Capacitive touch

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