What is it?

Time-based: This artwork reveals a shifting colorscape and the RGB arrangement of pixel elements used to create it, mimicking the “Bayer array” arrangement of digital camera sensor elements.

Using PDLC privacy film, an electronically-toggleable diffuser material sold to allow conference rooms or public toilets to be selectively private, the front panel of “Bayering” toggles between clear and diffusion every thirty seconds.

Its internal LEDs are cold white (blue) and warm white (red, green) shining through a candy-like pigment-printed acrylic sheet.

The wood exterior of the piece is a handmade laminate of 2x4 pine lumber, sandwiched together and milled with a computer-controlled router; the wood was finished with rasping, sanding, and bowling alley wax.

Its internal structures are revealed at extreme angles, offering viewers a peek at the circuit boards, LEDs, and individual components that make “Bayering’s” simple-seeming displays possible.

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