What is it?

The beeswax-encased LEDs of “Cluster” show a modified version of the “Conway’s Life” simulation: cells are “born” and “die” based on their density.

“Conway’s Game of Life” is an algorithm devised by mathematician George Conway which is intended to simulate the life and death of cells.

The original algorithm works with rectangular grids of cells; for its hexagonal grid, “Cluster” uses the following modified version:

  • A new cell is born in each empty cell that has 2 or 3 neighbors.
  • Each living cell with 0, 1, or 2 neighbors dies.
  • Each living cell with 5 or 6 neighbors dies.

This simulation runs once per second. Every 60 seconds, the entire field of cells is replaced with a new, random field.

“Cluster” has a honeycomb display made with 61 individual LED modules, each cast in four pours of 100% beeswax by the artist. The individual hexes were then joined with several more pours of beeswax.

This honeycomb is set in a pine laminate case, made by the artist with evocative pieces of scrap 2x4; its case is finished with carnauba wax, buffed to a light sheen. The front of “Cluster” is a salvaged electric meter cover.


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