What is it?

The ZIP/ZCTA Deaccessioning Console lets you browse the database of all ZIP codes in the United States, view their population and vital statistics, and then delete them.

Once a ZIP code (technically, ZCTA) is removed from the Console, it is permanently deleted from its storage. After all of them are removed, the machine will crash forever.

What problem does it solve?

Wouldn’t we all act a little differently if we were in charge? This machine lets you imagine that you draw the lines. Who can say if it has any effect?

What was my role in it?

The ZIP/ZCTA Deaccessioning Console is designed and created by Chris Combs.

How does it work?

It was initially programmed with a database of all ZCTAs. Two microcontrollers, an ESP8266 and an ATMega328 (Arduino Pro Mini), share the work. It is set in the 1990s.


This is one of a series of Machines of Conspiracy, fictional devices that appear to let you be in charge.

What, where, when


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    Data processing

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