What is it?

This was a limited edition, exclusive color of my KAWAII hand-washing timers, which count down the 20 seconds required to zap COVID-19 when washing your hands with soapy water.

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You turn it on by waving your hands in front (no touch); it counts down seconds after a short delay to let you get your hands in the soap + water. It has a red LED screen (shows yellow-orange in the photo because it’s super bright!). A clear cover lets you wipe the front surface clean if you should happen to touch it.

Some fine print: THIS IS NOT A HEALTH OR MEDICAL DEVICE. It’s just a timer!

BTW, these timers are not my invention–I designed these but can’t take credit for the idea!

  • Needs ~1’ open space in front of it
  • Can be countertop or wall mounted (fits on to 2 screws)
  • Can be wiped clean to disinfect
  • No settings or buttons, nothing to set up or configure
  • Aluminum Hammond enclosure, painted 3d-printed plastic front panel with transparent cover
  • Hand assembled in small quantity, using high quality parts
  • Includes a 1-year warranty for parts and labor

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