What is it?

This artwork tells you a generated story, and tells you more of the story if you comply with its instructions.

It has a laser rangefinder distance sensor, and begins to tell you the story once it detects a presence in front of it. At points throughout the story, it will ask the reader to move closer or further away, indicated with a small meter.

It is impatient. If you do not do as it asks quickly enough, it stops telling you the story.

There are 152 messages stored in the device, enough for 7.5 quadrillion unique combinations of the story.

“I see you there” is housed in milled and carved vintage, reclaimed wood.

What was my role in it?

I designed and created this machine. It was fabricated from reclaimed hardwood with woodworking and CNC milling.

How does it work?

A small laser rangefinder module reads your distance based by how long it takes the light to bounce back from the sensor.

What, where, when


Care and Feeding








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