What is it?

This mirror begins to project words through its one-way acrylic screen after it senses your presence. It shows you evocative phrases that are static captures of Google autocomplete searches, like “Why am I tired all the time.” There are about 19,000 phrases stored in the device.

What was my role in it?

I designed and created this device. It is made with a CNC-milled Adirondack barnwood faceplate, custom-designed 3D-printed wood rear case, acrylic sheet, and custom-designed LED diffuser screens.

How does it work?

A downward-facing occupancy sensor detects the motion of your lower body as you approach the device. Its internal computer drives a low-res color LED display of a type used (in greater quantity) for electronic signs, giving a mysterious and pixelated effect to the messages.


What, where, when


    Google autocompletes






    Adirondack barnwood

    LED matrix

    One-way acrylic


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