What is it?

With a subtle, halting movement, the two lobes of this artwork rotate opposite one another, aligning in their original orientation every so often.

When I was first handed a beautiful, whole “root ball,” my first thought was, “Gosh, I’d like to cut this in half.”

It took me several weeks of worrying before I got up the nerve to do so, with the gracious help of David Mordini, who both lent me a Sawzall and held the ball while I used it.

Although it may seem over-engineered, each of the many shiny metal pieces, which are sourced from a number of dissimilar domains (brewery equipment, 3D printer parts, classroom science fair kits) or fabricated by me, are a vital part of the mechanical system.

Removing any of the bushings, bearings, gears, or other parts would cause it to slowly fail. In this way, “overthinking” was the correct amount of thinking.

This is a portion of “Sweet Old World,” a 10-piece collaboration with Ceci Cole McInturff. Each artist created five of the ten pieces and contributed five pieces of material, “assigning” the other artist several pieces of unfamiliar base material to use.


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