What is it?

Think of a typical computer screen… an orderly grid of rows and columns of pixels. What if you messed up the grid? How garbled could it get, and still be able to show a recognizable image?

This nine-panel piece includes variations on this theme. Different “complexities,” more or less LEDs, more or less centrally focused (to mimic the “pixel placement” of the human eye’s rods and cones).

They each flash between different arrangements of pixels. You might realize that these arrangements are capital block letters, or numbers. If you were to read a number of these letters, they might spell things like “S-E-N-T Y-O-U A M-E-S-S-A-G-E O-N F-A-C-E-B-O-O-K”…

I am interested in the way that much of what survives from past civilizations is just detritus, crap, leftover shopping lists. What will archaeologists delight in finding from our civilization in the future?

Rxsqtta-Stzne is my imagined ephemera, circa 2019 A.D.: digital junk, marketing emails, notifications.

The panels communicate with one another over a wireless radio (similar to Wi-Fi) and synchronize with startling animations that span the 9-panel grid.


What, where, when


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