What is it?

This artwork shows water views, changing periodically in a generative playlist of its own making. It is formed of reclaimed LED matrix panels of a type used for large electronic signage, such as in large indoor video walls or electronic billboards. They are installed flush in a diagonal enclosure of aluminum extrusion.

The video clips shown were captured by the artist over ten years of filming; there are around 150 clips of water, mainly from locations throughout the United States.

The matrix panels I used are typically arranged in much larger rectangular displays; I wanted to find the silliest shape I could make with them, which turned out to be a diagonal slash. I was curious to find out whether a tiny, diagonal slice of a large video image would be easily interpretable by viewers. I think the answer is yes.

These matrix panels are driven with a custom-assembled matrix driver board on a Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W running my own high-performance Cython art framework. The artwork is silent.

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