What is it?

This wall-mounted wooden panel projects a horizon-like image of two different colors onto the wall behind it. As you move near it, your motions cause a ripple in its surface. The image shown is a fluid dynamics simulation, akin to a side view of a fishtank. Waving your hand causes a wave in the water.

What was my role in it?

I designed and created this device. It was fabricated with CNC-milled pine, sealed and finished with bowling alley wax, and a custom-designed internal 3d-printed internal frame.

How does it work?

“Wave/Wave” uses a three-axis capacitive motion sensor (the Pimoroni SkyWriter) to determine when a hand is moved within a foot or so of the device. It tracks motion and imparts the motion into the particles of a 2-dimensional fluid simulation. Two bars of individually addressable LEDs at 30 and 45 degrees project the “fluid” onto the wall.


What, where, when







    Milled pine

    Three-axis capacitive motion sensor


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