What is it?

The peephole on the front of this artwork reveals a disconcerting view: your own eye.

At first, it might seem as though “Honeypot” looks back at you through the same peephole. But this is not optically possible. The camera in “Honeypot” is a commercially available “spy camera” concealed within a faux Philips-head screw.

The aluminum enclosure of “Honeypot” was previously used and is presented largely unaltered. But its handle is a contrivance added by the artist; it guides viewers to show the camera the best view of their eye.

But some viewers do not have a dominant right eye; for those viewers, a “smart Susan” swivel mount on the rear of the artwork allows it to be rotated 180 degrees to function equally well with a dominant left eye.

In computer security, a “honeypot” is a deliberately-insecure server with open access to the internet; unbeknownst to those who break into or exploit the honeypot, their every move is recorded by security researchers.

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